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Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs are perfect for patios and paths. They feature a blend of natural greys and light blue throughout the surface.

Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs

Precision and charm are important elements of paving projects. You can only attain them with top-quality paving materials. A factor you may be worried about is the effects of extreme temperature on your slabs. You feel contraction/expansion can damage your slabs and ruin the magnificent look of your patio. That should be the last of your worries when you install grey Indian stone slabs. The natural stone can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its elegance at all times. Simply put, you have a perfect space with these extraordinary slabs that provide lasting value for money

What is Indian Grey Sandstone?

These slabs are famously hard-wearing, a quality that enables them to withstand heavy traffic in your path, patio and garden. There are also beautiful and can enhance the look of your indoor and exterior spaces. Kandla Grey natural Indian stone is formed through a vigorous sedimentation process. The particles are compact, sturdy, and strong. So, you’re sure it will take time before you repair or replace any slab. Moreover, they are precisely cut with consistent thickness to make it easy to instal them in your space. You should never settle for low-quality materials when these affordable slabs are available here, with no compromise on their quality. Their beauty can elevate your space and increase the value of your property. Make your next paving project a success with these magnificent slabs.

Advantages of Using Grey Indian Stone Slabs

It’s vitally important that your slabs not only look the part, but hold up against the elements all year around. What are the advantages of using these Indian sandstones?

Easy Maintenance Routine

If your outdoor space isn’t properly maintained, your patio can fall victim to grime and discolouration. Fortunately, expert skills are not required to keep these slabs in shape. Warm soapy water is enough to remove stains and debris from your space. To ensure your slabs look even better, you should seal them. That way, you can protect them from stains and harsh outdoor weather. When cleaning, it is not recommended to use acid-based detergents or chemical mixtures, as this can cause damage. Soapy water and jet washing is the best way to do it.

Ideal for Many Paving Projects

These slabs are ideal for a great number of projects. Grey is a versatile colour after all, and the aesthetic and practical features of Indian sandstone make it a solid choice for a variety of environments and applications.

Excellent Underfoot Grip

You want to enjoy your patio at all times without the worry of accidentally slipping and injuring yourself. These slabs provide excellent underfoot grip. So, you can explore your space comfortably any day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These slabs not only exude elegance but are also known for their durability, making them perfect for enhancing your outdoor space. Their aesthetic appeal and long-lasting nature make them a popular choice among homeowners and landscapers alike.
Use a suitable sealer designed specifically for sandstone and follow the manufacturer's instructions for application. Additionally, when cleaning the stone, avoid using acid-based detergents as they can damage the surface. Instead, opt soapy water and a stiff brush to keep it clean. Jet washing is also an excellent method.
Certainly! Indian sandstone is a durable material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it a suitable option for any outdoor space. Its strength and resilience enable it to handle the weight and pressure exerted. Regular maintenance, such as sweeping to remove debris and occasional cleaning, will help keep the patio looking its best.