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Facing Bricks

Engineering facing bricks are used to be purely aesthetic, and they are commonly used to make the exterior walls more attractive, as opposed to standard engineering bricks which are manufactured for practical and structural support. Engineering facing bricks are often made from fired clay and mortar to ensure that they are reinforced, and they can be either wire cut or extruded. As they are designed to look good, you will find a wide variety of engineering facing bricks in many different colours and styles – from blues, yellows, buffs, and the classic red brick.

We have a wide range of high-quality engineering facing bricks for sale to both retail and trade customers at prices to suit every budget.

What are facing bricks?

Facing bricks are a type of brick primarily used in construction for external walls. As they are used for visible areas of a building they are manufactured to be aesthetically pleasing.

We have a large range of types, colours and sizes for sale online. Available in the most common sizes of 65mm, 68mm and 73mm, and popular colours including red, buff, yellow and more.

We also have many engineering bricks available here.

What are the common types of facing bricks?

Wirecut/Extruded Bricks

Wirecut bricks, also known as extruded bricks, are manufactured by cutting the bricks from a long column of clay. This results in a more uniform, smooth shape and size.

Stock Bricks

Stock bricks are manufactured using moulds, with the clay being coated in sand and then inserted into a mould. This gives a more traditional appearance.

Waterstruck Bricks

Waterstruck bricks are manufactured by pouring the mixture into moulds, and then water is used as the realising agent after setting.

Can you help match existing brickwork?

We can help find you the best match whether you're restoring old brickwork, extending or trying to match the local aesthetic. You can contact us here.

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