Universal Valley Clay Tile Fitting

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Most roofs will have one or more valleys incorporated into the design and a valley is the one element of a roof that is most likely to deteriorate over time and will need replacement to stop or prevent the roof from leaking. This is why it is so vital to make use of a quality product like our Universal Valley Clay Tile.

Valleys should last for a long time, certainly over 20 years. But sadly, some valleys don’t and this is usually caused by leaves and other debris accumulating in the valley. This creates a corrosive environment which can cause the integrity of the valley to fail. So to avoid the costly nightmare of frequent roof repairs, we urge you to use our Universal Valley Clay Tiles. Opting for galvanised valleys or roofing felt valleys just don’t make the grade! You really do get what you pay for and our Universal Valley Clay Tiles are of the very highest quality.