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Porcelain Paving Slabs

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern look for your outdoor space, our handmade porcelain slabs are a great choice. Perfect for outdoor spaces and gardens, our porcelain paving displays an outstanding mix of strength and durability. As well as being frost-resistant, they also have a high anti-slip rating, making them perfect for patios and pathways.

What is porcelain paving used for?

Porcelain paving slabs are typically used for garden patios and pathways. Their light texture provides ample resistance to slipping as well as being low maintenance and easy to clean. Due to the wide range of colours and sizes available, porcelain paving slabs are ideal for those looking to really make a statement in their outdoor space, with a guaranteed luxury finish.

How should I lay porcelain paving?

We advise using professional paving contractors to lay your porcelain paving slabs, however, if you are looking to install your slabs yourself we have created a Paving: Laying Guide to walk you through the process. If you are planning on hiring external contractors to install your porcelain slabs, make sure you have your products delivered before the installation date to avoid any possible delays.

Should I seal porcelain paving?

It is generally advisable to seal your porcelain paving slabs. Sealing the slabs helps build a resistance to stains and moss, as well as protecting your paving from everyday dirt and grime. Our patio paving sealant enhances durability, reduces maintenance time, and keeps your surface looking new all year round. As well as our porcelain paving slabs, you can also use this on our limestone, Indian Sandstone and granite paving.

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