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Indian Sawn Smooth Sandstone Paving

What is smooth sandstone paving used for?

Smooth sandstone paving is an elegant, striking paving type ideal for giving a beautiful modern appearance to your garden or outdoor project.

Available in a varied range of unique colours and sizes, from the classic Raj Green to the multi-coloured rainbow sawn smooth sandstone paving.

What’s the difference between sawn and riven sandstone paving?

Sawn sandstone paving is produced by machining the surface so it is almost completely smooth. This creates a more modern, premium finish.

A riven surface is where the stone’s surface is the natural surface created when the stone is split. The surface will be textured, creating a more natural look. Our range of riven paving can be found here.

How should I lay smooth sandstone paving?

For the majority of people the best and most professional results for laying your natural stone paving will come from hiring competent, experienced contractors with a good reputation that you have thoroughly researched and who you have confidence in. Remember to make sure that you have your products delivered before actually hiring any builders or equipment to avoid any delays leaving you out of pocket.

But if you are planning on doing it yourself, check out our laying guide here to walk you through the general process for how to lay natural stone paving from the Ammaari Stones range. From planning to execution, we give you the basics for using our products to make the most out of your home landscaping project. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Should I seal paving?

It is generally advisable to seal your paving. Sealers help resist stains, prevent moss and lichen forming on the paving surface, and protect against dirt and grime.

Sealing your paving will reduce the frequency of, and difficulty of maintaining your paving.

We have a range of sealers available for purchase online here.

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